WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

Presentation: WaPOR database version 3.0 and the new WaPOR portal

9:00 - 10:30 CEST

Hybrid Event, 05/05/2023


WaPOR, FAO's portal to monitor Water Productivity through Open access of Remotely sensed derived data is migrating to the FAO Hand in Hand platform and will feature data obtained through an updated methodology (version 3.0).  

The FAO Land and Water Division is pleased to invite you to a presentation on WaPOR 3.0 to discover the new database and its improvements, get introduced to the new portal and its features and learn about applications and user's experiences. 

Location: online (register on the link in the right column)
                 and in FAO Headquarters, in the Ethiopia Room (building C, 2nd floor)


Since its first beta release in April 2017, the WaPOR portal, with support from The Netherlands, has been freely providing users with near real time data (every 10 days) on water productivity and other related variables that lend themselves to a variety of uses such as irrigation scheduling advise for farmers, monitoring and improving agricultural production, water accounting, irrigation performance assessment, drought monitoring, assistance for transhumance, among others.  

Since that beta release, the data has been continuously improved to ensure it is as adequate as possible to its users' needs and to keep pace with developments in open remote sensing. These efforts will culminate, beginning 5 May 2023, in a phased release of the improved dataset with:  

  • data covering Africa and the Near East seeing a resolution increase from 250m to 100m, 

  • high resolution areas are now at even higher resolution, from 30m to 20m, 

  • an improved methodology that increases data quality and usability in agricultural applications 

  • additional data made available to users, such as relative soil moisture (beta product), expanding the possible applications of the data.  

  • global coverage at 300 m resolution to be released in July 


Event agenda


09:00      Opening remarks 

                Lifeng Li, Director, FAO Land and Water Division 
                Aart van der Horst, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands 

09:10      What’s new in WaPOR V3 methodology?  
                Annemarie Klaasse, eLeaf 

09:30      New portal and new WaPOR website 
                Karl Morteo and Alyne Spencer, FAO  

09:45      Sharing experiences from countries 
                Marloes Mul, IHE Delft; Petra Schmitter, IWMI; National project coordinator, FAO (TBC) 

10:15      Questions and answers 
                Moderated by Jippe Hoogeveen, FAO 

10:25      Closing remarks 
                Jippe Hoogeveen, FAO