WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity


14 May 2021
Update: the final report for the ET4FAO project was published on the 13.01.22 and is availabble online, here. So is [...more]
04 May 2021
Agricultural extension and advisory services play a crucial and unique role in bridging the gap between farmers and the growing [...more]
21 April 2021
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the FAO webinar “Joining efforts to turn satellite water data into actionable information for farmers” scheduled [...more]
29 March 2021
Data helps us account for water use in agriculture, a key part of sustainably feeding a growing population. In 2050, our [...more]
28 March 2021
In 2050, food needs to be produced for an expected population of between 9 and 10 billion people.  A lot of [...more]
12 March 2021
FAO and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education announce the roll out of the French and Arabic versions of the [...more]
05 March 2021
Open. It’s a simple word that has a big impact when used in connection with education and data. To celebrate the [...more]
21 January 2021
The Government of The Netherlands will be supporting WaPOR for five additional years, through the WaPOR Phase 2 project, which [...more]
19 January 2021
This new case study explores the use of WaPOR data to monitor agricultural activity in conflict areas by showcasing some [...more]
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