WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

Check out the new website of the KnoWat project using WaPOR to access geospatial data on water resources!


The KnoWat project has now a brand new website which provides a complete set of in-depth information on the project’s approaches, methodologies and activities in the countries and at global level, and a series of advocacy materials about the concept of water tenure. The website is available in English and French.

The KnoWat project aims at strengthening water governance processes in Rwanda, Senegal and Sri Lanka through capacity building in cutting-edge water accounting methods, using remote sensing backed by the WaPOR portal. An innovative approach for the assessment of water tenure will be developed to help securing access to water for the rural poor and for food security, as well as improving resilience to climate change. The project is supported by the German Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

Visit the new website at www.fao.org/in-action/knowat/en