WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

New case study "WaPOR and ICT"


Agricultural extension and advisory services play a crucial and unique role in bridging the gap between farmers and the growing body of scientific knowledge and technological advances that are produced in the field of agriculture. 

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can contribute significantly to scaling up the access to those services. In that sense they have the potential to contribute to the sustainable development goals, notably to the goal of achieving food security. In fact, ICT-based advisory services can provide farmers with a wide range of timely and place-based advice related to pest management, irrigation scheduling, weather, markets, inputs, among others. That information can help them make more informed plans and take better decisions at various levels.

This new case study explains the key role that ICT can play in agriculture and draws examples from the mobile applications that use WaPOR data to assist smallholder farmers in different capacities.

Download the case study here.