WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

The new WaPOR applications catalogue is now available for water data users to explore and learn from!


The new catalogue showcases the wide range of applications of WaPOR data, and the varying contexts in which it is used.

Currently available on the WaPOR website, it acts as a compendium of the multitude of ways in which the community of users puts WaPOR data to use from case studies to resources, including products that evaluate the data’s accuracy and suitability.

Catalogue users can search entries using a few criteria including geographic location and application. One of the criteria also allows the users to filter results that fall under the umbrella of the WaterPIP (Water Productivity Improvement in Practice) project that centers WaPOR data in its aim to guide development projects in achieving their goal of improving water productivity.

The WaPOR data applications range from the assessment and monitoring of water productivity, water resources or the water consumption of crops, to the provision of advisory services to farmers. Additionally, the data can be used by farmers and irrigation managers to monitor irrigation and support decisions to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems and schemes. WaPOR data has also been used to assess and monitor the impact of stressors on agriculture, such as drought and conflicts, as well as for water accounting.

Head here to access the WaPOR applications catalogue.

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