WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

The Water Productivity Masterclass webinar series kicks off today!


In the framework of the Water Productivity Improvement in Practice (Water-PIP) project, IHE-Delft, Wageningen University, MetaMeta and the 25% Alliance are organizing the Water Productivity Masterclass webinar series.

This webinar series will describe the different aspects of water productivity, the methods on how to monitor them, and different open source tools that can be used by practitioners. Case studies will be presented, showcasing how these methods can be applied in different types of irrigation projects. Webinars will provide participants with the opportunity to engage with the experts.

The webinars happening on 10 and 17 June 2020 will focus on monitoring water productivity using FAO WaPOR, providing attendees with a step-by-step approach to monitor and interpret irrigation performance indicators using WaPOR and provide context through applied case studies. Monitoring at different spatial scales will be discussed, as well as monitoring techniques for biophysical and socioeconomic parameters of water productivity.

The webinar series is hosted by the Water Channel. For more information on the webinar series, visit the Water Productivity Masterclass webpage.