WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

WaPOR at the 2022 International Forum on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals


06/09: Livia Peiser, Technical Officer for the WaPOR project at the Land and Water Division of the UN-FAO, virtually presented the project and the database at a session titled "Using open data to accelerate progress towards SDG6".

07/09: Jippe Hoogeveen, the Chief Technical Officer for WaPOR, virtually delivered a plenary lecture on the "The Role of Open, Big Data on Water and Agriculture in Support of Monitoring and Obtaining the Sustainable Development Goals".

The conference was a priviledged avenue to discuss the scientific and technological innovations as important tools to support the implementation of SDGs, WaPOR being one of them with regards to SDG 6.

There was a strong presence of academia which showcased how much research attention the topic of Big Data in relation to SDGs is getting, which is excellent news when we consider the potential that these sources of information have to contribute to better monitoring and planning towards those goals. 


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