WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

Real time water data from satellites to achieve faster resilience



WaPOR data, which is derived from remotely-sensed (satellite) data, can support in making our agricultural systems more resilient, that is, ones that can better withstand and recover from shocks and stresses such as the ones that are increasingly being put on them by extreme weather events caused by climate change. It does so first by allowing us to better understand these systems and by aiding us in the elaboration of locally-relevant solutions. 


FAO works with its partners to transform the publicly-available data that it offers on the WaPOR portal into insights through water accounting, water productivity analyses and irrigation management support


In this year’s World Water Week conference, which is held fully online, a session will be dedicated to presenting and discussing the role that remote-sensing data has to play in improving our agricultural systems and making them more resilient. First, there will be short presentations showcasing tangible case studies which will be followed by a panel discussion. 


Please join us here for a fruitful discussion that is focused on action and solutions