WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

WAFIRR (Water For IRRigation): a new mobile application in development in Jordan


The Jordanian National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) and the FAO have formalized a partnership in the creation of an irrigation mobile application using WaPOR data.

The letter of agreement was signed on November 30th by Mr. Nabil Assaf, the FAO Representative in Jordan and Dr. Nizar Haddad, the director general of NARC.

This new digital tool is spearheaded by the FAO North Africa and Near East Regional Office under the FAO Regional Digital Village Initiative. WaPOR 2 will be supporting further development and upscaling of the application. 


WAFIRR will serve a similar function as the other existing WaPOR data-based applications: IRWI (Egypt) and LARI-LEB (Lebanon), that is, provide real time irrigation advice for farmers; this time in Jordan. In fact, an evaluation of the aforementioned applications was undertaken as part of the ongoing design phase of WAFIRR, preceding the development of the application itself which is set to take place starting February. 


Further developments to this process will be communicated here on the WaPOR website. 

Consult the WaPOR and ICT case study to learn more about existing digital tools for agriculture that use WaPOR data.