WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

WaPOR data for groundwater monitoring


Several parts of the world rely on groundwater for different essential uses for society: agriculture, domestic use and services. In the Azraq groundwater basin, in Jordan, that is certainly the case, so much so that groundwater is overdrafted every year at 219% of the safe yield (source: Ministry of Water and Irrigation).

In the country as a whole, 67.8% of the total freshwater withdrawals come from groundwater (AQUASTAT, 2018) which is a considerable amount of water that often escapes adequate regulation and management.


This year, in the occasion of the world water day, head to this map story hosted on the AQUAMAPS portal, the AQUASTAT geospatial database on water and agriculture and an offshoot of the FAO’s Hand in Hand portal, to find out more about a study that was carried to evaluate the potential of WaPOR data as a tool for the monitoring of groundwater resources in the Azraq groundwater basin in Jordan.