WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

Key documents

Mid-term evaluation of the project "Monitoring water productivity by remote sensing as a tool to assess possibilities to reduce water productivity gaps"

Main Report

Annex 1. SWOT Analysis

Annex 2. Survey results 

Annex 3. Learning note 

Annex 4. Project logical framework

Annex 5. Working list of WaPOR applications

Annex 6. Project governance structure 

Annex 7. Status of expenditures

Management Response


WaPOR, the FAO open-access portal to monitor water productivity
Assessing continental water productivity, Africa & The Near East
Expanding irrigation areas, Southern Egypt
Measuring water productivity, Gezira Irrigation Scheme, Sudan
Monitoring the impact of drought, Somalia
Assessing the water consumption of crops, Bekaa, Lebanon
Monitoring changes in agricultural production, Aleppo, Syria
Providing advisory services to farmers, Kenya