WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

Map stories

This section contains stories that weave WaPOR data with data from the wider FAO geodatabase contained in the FAO's Hang in Hand geospatial platform with the goal of creating a richer picture of what the possible applications of the data are for WaPOR users at different levels.

WaPOR data for groundwater monitoring

This map story explores the potential of the use of WaPOR data to assist in the monitoring of groundwater abstraction in the Azraq basin, a basin that is the second most exploited in Jordan. Also, it goes to show the potential of pyWaPOR as a tool to extend the coverage of higher resolution WaPOR data to new areas of high relevance. 

The use of WaPOR data in the cultivation of sugarcane

This map story shows the way that productivity analysis can be carried with WaPOR data in order to understand the spatially explicit attainable water and land productivities of an area of interest, identify the zones where these productivities are met and derive from that analysis best practices to increase the productivity of the area as a whole with the goal of producing more while using less water.