WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity


Under the auspices of the DGIS funded project on “Using remote sensing in support of solutions to reduce agricultural water productivity gaps”, water accounting has been produced in five river basins in Africa and the Middle East. A full scale analysis (6 WA+ sheets) was applied in the Litani River Basin, Jordan River Basin, Awash River Basin, Niger River Basin and Nile River Basin. A rapid WA+ account was prepared focussing on the basin water balance (WA+ Sheet 1).

The results have been published under a "Water accounting series" and are available here:

The Resource Base Sheet (WA+ Sheet 1) of a basin provides a general overview on over-exploitation, unmanageable, manageable, exploitable, reserved, utilized and utilizable flows at river basin scale. It discerns between rainfall ET) and incremental ET (by natural and artificial withdrawals). The figure shows resource base of the Litani River Basin in 2016.