Strengthening Agro-climatic Monitoring and Information System (SAMIS)

Piloting village level foresight analysis


Recently the SAMIS project started a collaboration with the FMM project Sustainable productivity in agriculture (in the context of Climate-Smart Agriculture [CSA] and agroecology). The project, whose symbol is FMM/GLO/139/MUL, works in three countries, Bangladesh, North Macedonia, and Lao PDR.

The activities are lead by the Utrecht University and by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture And Food Security (CCAFS). In collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALAM), a process for the improvement of the village land use anticipatory planning with the integration with climate change scenarios.  In Lao PDR, the participatory forest and agricultural land use planning (pFALUPAM) program has been implemented in several target villages of provinces and districts covering approximately 10% of the country. However, the methodology does not take into consideration the new climate change data available.

In this framework, a handbook has been prepared by the international experts and translated to pasalao. After a training held online, DALAM experts have undertaken a field mission to test the methodology. The field mission was held between 20 and 28 of June and included vulnerability analysis and foresight scenario discussion. The testing was held in Keosaenkham village, Khamkheurth district, Bolikhamxay province.

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