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FAO Supports Strengthening the Fishers' Assistance Programme in Paraguay 

Story of Walberto Valdez: "I have been fishing for 20 years to support my family". 

On the banks of the Paraguay River in Villeta, Paraguay, fishing, once a thriving industry in the region, has plummeted in recent years, leaving fishers worried about whether they can feed their families. In light of these difficulties, a FAO-supported initiative called the River Corridor is working to revitalize the fisheries sector and improve social protection for those who depend on it.  READ THE HUMAN STORY 


Social Protection, Food Security and Water Resources 

In October, a one-day workshop entitled "Social Protection, Food and Nutrition Security and Water Resources: An Integrated Approach for a Sustainable Future" was organized by FAO as part of the World Food Day celebrations.  

It was held at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the National University of Asuncion to share ideas and perspectives on the River Corridor Initiative which aims to promote understanding and effective collaboration between social protection and sustainable water resources management.  Read more HERE 

Policy and Awareness 

To engage in policy advocacy and raise public awareness, FAO actively participates in events to shed light on critical issues in Paraguay's fisheries sector. 

Live Interview on "5 Días" Programme 

A live interview discussing the social protection agenda for the fisheries sector in Paraguay.  Watch it HERE 

FAO partners with Paraguay's Ministry of Social Development (MDS) to address global food loss and waste (FLW)   

In September, The Ministry of Social Development, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), celebrated World Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day with a discussion on the critical issue of FLW.   Read MORE