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Argentina: a project that promotes healthy food and the consumption of local products

Using a comprehensive approach, various institutions committed to these territories are looking for ways to achieve the well-being of the people by addressing nutrition through the valorization of local products.


The project "Promote a healthy diet and increase the consumption of local products in the Villa Vil Jurisdiction," funded by FAO, aims to provide food education with an emphasis on the consumption of local products.

The main activities include:

  1. train schools and families in the area on issues of healthy nutrition and safety and valorization of biodiversity;
  2. incorporate local products and recipes into school canteens;
  3. start up school gardens and work together with producers in technical aspects of their farms to improve the current food system and promote local development.

Various institutions will work under the project to agree on a comprehensive approach to the food problems in the region. FAO, the municipality of Villa Vil, the College of Nutritionists and the Ministry of Education, Health and Social Development intend to join forces between the different levels of the State, to promote a common objective: food education with an emphasis on the consumption of local products.

Palabras clave: nutrition, food security, marketing of local products, traditions and cultural

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