The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Making agriculture more sustainable and productive

To feed a growing world population, predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2050, FAO estimates that agricultural production must increase by 70 percent globally - and by almost 100 percent in developing countries.

But our natural resources are limited, and gains in agricultural production can no longer be obtained the way they were before, or the negative effects will put the productive potential of agriculture at risk. 

To raise yields and save the environment, while also tackling a host of other challenges to agriculture in the 21st century, climate change being chief among them, we need to produce more with less: a major shift is needed towards sustainable intensification of agriculture. 

Innovation is key

Some of the word's highest rates of population growth are predicted to occur in rural areas of developing countries that are highly dependent on agriculture and where hunger and malnutrition are widespread. 

Usually seen as part of the problem, these areas possess an important potential to eradicating poverty and achieving food security: its people, a majority of which are family farmers, especially smallholders. 

If the right ingredients are put in place, family farmers can quickly move to more productive and sustainable agriculture, which in turn can provide a younger generation with the perspective of a profitable employment. 

Innovation is key to make that happen, helping agriculture save and grow, and meet its major challenges in the 21st century.