La Plataforma de la Agricultura Tropical (TAP)

Launch of the e-learning course on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems

TAP has launched a new, certified e-learning course “Tropical Agriculture Platform: Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems”. The course was created by FAO under the TAP-AIS project with generous funding provided by the EU as part of the DeSIRA initiative. It caters to a global audience by targeting actors in the Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) including agricultural universities and research institutions, agricultural extension and advisory services, agricultural research systems, global and regional fora for agricultural research and farmer organizations. With this new training tool, TAP can further strengthen innovation capacities in low- and middle-income countries to transform agrifood systems. 

The development of this course demonstrated excellent collaboration between partner institutions showcasing a high level of professionalism through hard work and dedication to TAP Partners. Among the resources and materials of the course there are those developed jointly by FAO and Agrinatura with additional concepts and approaches drawn from the previous EU-funded CDAIS Project.  

This course was designed to facilitate knowledge in: 

  • Agricultural Innovation Systems and Innovation; 

  • Dimensions of capacity development and how TAP is addressing capacity gaps in the tropics; 

  • The importance and value of capacity needs assessments; 

  • Capacity development interventions for organizations; 

  • How to increase capacity in the enabling environment; and 

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) in the TAP Common Framework. 

Learners can enroll free of charge through the FAO elearning Academy. This e-learning platform offers a wide variety of free international technical webinars and multilingual courses for individuals who want to contribute to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It provides universal education as a global good and directly supports lifelong learning and educational equity. Learners can acquire digital badges that recognize their achievements and ensure that they are better equipped to face global challenges.

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