The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Strengthening National Agriculture Innovation Systems in the TAP-AIS Countries

The 10th Partner Assembly of the Tropical Agriculture Platform, held last November in Ethiopia, was a stimulating workshop uniting experts, researchers, and practitioners working together to bridge the capacity gaps for agricultural innovation in the tropics.

During one of the technical sessions, a series of posters summarizing the key aspects and results of the TAP-AIS project was presented, receiving an enthusiastic reception. The TAP-AIS project is a five-year EU-funded project focused on strengthening the capacities to innovate in national agricultural innovation systems (AIS) in the context of climate-relevant, productive, and sustainable transformation of agriculture and food systems in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Pacific.

Following the Assembly’s success, the collection of posters was then published in the knowledge hub of our TAPipedia website to help foster collaboration and create synergies among key partners.

The collection gives an overview of the 9 countries of the project: Colombia, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Lao PDR, Malawi, Rwanda, Pakistan, Senegal, and Cambodia plus one poster focusing on the regional level. The aim of these posters is to shed light on the innovative work taking place in the agriculture sector of these regions over the last few years. They provide a brief outline of the context, constraints, interventions, and ways forward to achieve the projects’ main outcomes. Whether it’s workshops to strengthen policy dialogue or a need for more inclusive and sustainable agricultural practices to ensure continued capacity strengthening in AIS, the posters identify capacity needs and suggest feasible solutions to continue transforming agrifood systems. With more functional capacities and strategic frameworks, we can continue to find innovative ways to increase benefits for smallholder producers and the farming community at large.



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