The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

TAP-AIS in Cambodia

In Cambodia, FAO is coordinating and managing the implementation of the TAP-AIS project in close partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries/ General Directorate of Agriculture (MAFF/GDA). The activities in Cambodia mainly focus on delivering the project Output 2 (Countries’ AIS are assessed, capacity development needs are identified and AIS strengthened), and it is planned to i) complete the national AIS assessment, ii) select at least two key AIS organizations and strengthen their capacity to innovate in order to provide better innovation support services, iii) select at least one of the existing platform for the strengthening of its capacity to innovate in order to become the network base for knowledge dissemination, and iv) organize at least four policies consultation process at national and sub-national levels. In overall terms, the project aims to contribute to a more efficient and sustainable national agricultural innovation systems by identifying challenges and solutions with multi-stakeholder interactions, and by addressing capacity development gaps and needs in support of agricultural innovation.


National Agricultural Innovation System Assessment in Cambodia (2021)

Bottom-up solutions to promote conservation agriculture in Cambodia. Results from a multistakeholder policy dialogue process (2022)

Agricultural innovation pathways in Cambodia. Highlights and way forward from the TAP-AIS project (2023)