La Plataforma de la Agricultura Tropical (TAP)

TAP-AIS in Malawi

In Malawi, the project focuses on scaling out the achievements of the CDAIS project and on applying tools and methodologies of the TAP Common Framework. In Malawi, FAO is implementing the TAP-AIS project in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Agricultural Extension Services (DAESS). The project is working to 1) assess the agricultural innovation systems (AIS) 2) strengthen key research and extension organizations, with the objective to address gaps and capacity needs as well as strengthening mechanisms for improving policies and strategic processes. In particular, the project is assessing the capacity of the District Agricultural Extension Services System to champion agricultural innovations in Malawi and identify and recommend key entry points for development of a comprehensive capacity development plan for the National agricultural innovation system and identify which organizations to be strengthened. Bridging events and a policy dialogue process are organized in order to strengthen mechanisms for collaborations among AIS actors and improve the enabling environment for innovation in Malawi.


National Agricultural Innovation System Assessment in Malawi (2021)