The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Regional Level

At the regional level, the TAP-AIS project supports the regional research and extension organizations (RREOs) in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to strengthen capacities in national agricultural innovation systems (AIS). The RREOs have conducted joint rapid appraisals and based on the identified gaps in their regions and across regions they have adapted and integrated TAP tools and approaches into their work programs. The RREOs have implemented participatory trainings, published and shared good practices, shared experiences, practical tools and facilitated multistakeholder working groups on highly relevant technical topics such as higher education and agroecology, while integrating approaches to strengthen functional capacities based on the TAP Common Framework (CF). The support provided by the TAP-AIS project strengthens RREOs’ capacities to deliver on their mandates vis-à-vis national constituencies and strengthens knowledge sharing and collaboration between RREOs within and across the regions.


Good practices in capacity development for agricultural innovation systems (by RELASER and IICA, realized with support of FAO, 2024)

  1. Virtual rural extension to challenge frontiers (also available in Spanish)
  2. Co-innovation to promote the pulque tradition in Jiquipilco, Mexico (also available in Spanish)
  3. Building a sustainable productive future (also available in Spanish)
  4. Los Alpes agroecological school (also available in Spanish)
  5. Beekeeping as a model of integrating STEM solutions in schools (also available in Spanish)
  6. Local Technical Agroclimatic Committees (MTAS) (also available in Spanish)
  7. Alternative animal feed and self-management catalize the success and competitiveness of integrated farms (also available in Spanish)

Regional Briefs (by APIRAS and APAARI, realized with support of FAO)

  1. Strengthening the contribution of agricultural research, extension, and education in mainstreaming agroecology in the Asia-Pacific (2024)
  2. Mainstreaming agroecology in agricultural education (2024)

Good Practice Notes on Institutional Innovations (by APIRAS and APAARI, realized with support of FAO)

  1. Strengthening The Farmer Producer Organization Ecosystem For Farmer Prosperity (2023)
  2. Fostering Green Growth Through Solar Cooperative (2023)
  3. Shaping Farmers For Tomorrow: Innovation In Agricultural Education In South Korea (2023)
  4. Institutional innovation to facilitate low-cost organic certification – How participatory guarantee systems (PGS) work in Vietnam (2023)
  5. Competitive Research Grants: Learning from Krishi Gobeshona Foundation, Bangladesh (2024)
  6. Catalysing grassroot entrepreneurship through satellite incubation centres in India (2024)

Good Practice Notes (by APIRAS and APAARI, realized with support of FAO)

  1. Promoting sustainable agriculture through green extension in Lao People's Democratic Republic (2022)
  2. Strengthening capacities to innovate through North-South collaborative agricultural research in Papua New Guinea (2022)
  3. Multi-stakeholder approaches for enhancing command area water productivity In India (2022)
  4. Enhancing organizational and functional capacities of producer organizations in India through strategic collaboration (2022)
  5. Strengthening last mile service delivery to support smallholder farmers in India (2022)
  6. Promoting community-driven innovations in the forested uplands of the Philippines (2022)
  7. Promoting Climate Sensitive Innovations in The Mekong Delta through diversified Public-Private Partnership (2022)

Policy brief on Strengthening university curricula in Latin America (by RELASER and IICA, realized with support of FAO, 2024) (available also in Spanish)

Guía para el fortalecimiento de las capacidades funcionales para la innovación en la agricultura (FAO and IICA, 2022)

Joint rapid appraisal on strengthening agricultural innovation systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America by regional research and extension organizations (2021)

Strengthening Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa. Proceedings of the Consultative Meeting - 16 September 2021 (2021)