La Plataforma de la Agricultura Tropical (TAP)

TAP-AIS in Rwanda

Innovation in the small livestock sub-sector is in focus of the EU-supported TAP-AIS project in Rwanda. Coordinated by the Ministry of Agricultural and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and managed by FAO-Rwanda, the project contributes to the country’s Livestock Master Plan. In a broader sense, the project supports Rwanda’s policies to increase rural household income and food security through diversified and intensified agricultural production and a transition from subsistence to market-oriented systems. An assessment of the small livestock sub-sector is carried out in early 2021 by the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR), a Kigali-based consultancy. The findings are discussed with stakeholders to agree on actions to strengthen innovation, particularly in poultry and piggery value chains.  The project’s capacity development phase in 2021-2022 is focused on the work with key organisations and policy-level processes to strengthen capacities to innovate. As Rwanda participated in the earlier CDAIS project, TAP-AIS is the next steps in the country’s capacity development for agricultural innovation systems, in support of the Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation.


Small livestock development in Rwanda: Policy analysis of pig and poultry value chains (2023)

Enhancing the animal feed value chain for pig and poultry production in Rwanda (2023)

Small livestock development in Rwanda: enhancing the policy environment for pig and poultry value chains (2023)

National agricultural innovation system assessment in Rwanda: the small livestock sub-sector (2023)