La Plataforma de la Agricultura Tropical (TAP)

TAP-AIS in Senegal

In Senegal, the TAP-AIS project is coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment (MAER). Some ongoing initiatives of the MAER and its partners, aimed at strengthening the national agricultural innovation system, are supported by the project. This involves in particular strengthening collaborations between agricultural research, agricultural advisory services, agro-sylvo-pastoral funding agencies, higher education institutions, but also promotors of high-potential innovations for making agriculture more sustainable,  as well as representatives of the agricultural world and civil society. One of the purpose is to stimulate competitiveness and to intensify agricultural innovation. In particular, the TAP-AIS project will contribute to support Senegal in the implementation of the agroecological transition, which has been on its political agenda since 2019.


Renforcer les capacités des systèmes d'innovation agricole. Application et adaptation de l’approche de la plateforme d'agriculture tropicale (2021)

Diagnostiquer le système national d'innovation agricole pour informer les acteurs politiques. Un aperçu du projet TAP-AIS aun Sénégal (2021)