The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Reports and Action Plans

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07 April 2021
This policy brief presents a methodology for assessing agricultural innovation systems (AIS), developed and pilot tested by FAO in the context of the Tropical Agriculture Platform, a...
13 June 2018
The second Action plan of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP
07 April 2021
The focus of the joint rapid appraisals (JRA) done in the context of the TAP-AIS project was on functional capacity development with a view to exploring ways...
26 August 2013
Assessments of current capacities and capacity development needs have been carried out for tropical countries in Africa, Asia and Central America. The studies by TAP Partners in the regions (CIAT, FARA and SEARCA) highlight important...
22 August 2013
Based on three regional needs assessments, a strategic Action Plan has been formulated and adopted by the TAP Partner Assembly, held in China in September 2013. It defines the outcomes, outputs and activities...
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