Water efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the NENA regions (WEPS-NENA)

Making the best use of every drop of water in agriculture: water productivity

As mentioned in the Water efficiency / productivity framework tab, in the arid and semi-arid areas of the world water limits agricultural production and the efficient use of the limited water resources becomes the focal point of efforts aimed at improving farmers’ livelihoods. A concept termed water productivity (WP) has been coined to quantify such efforts, and is defined as the ratio of crop yield (biophysical WP) or income (economic WP) to consumed water (evapotranspiration, ET).

This said, under the project framework, this component is composed of the following activities:

1. a national baseline on water productivity;

2. level water productivity assessment to understand opportunities for improvement;

3. farmers experimentation on water productivity;

4. gender, social inclusion and decentralized governance;

5. water productivity along sustainable and gender sensitive value chain and reducing food loss and waste.

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