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The Biannual UN Global Indigenous Youth Forum hosted by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and organized by the Global Indigenous Youth will take place in October 2023 in Rome, Italy. The Forum will provide a space of dialogue between Indigenous Youth and Countries, UN Agencies, Universities, Research centres and other stakeholders to:

  • Discuss policies affecting the future of Indigenous Peoples’ food and knowledge systems in the context of climate and biodiversity action.   

Indigenous Youth Global Declaration on Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems

Following the fruitful dialogues that took place during the first Global Forum on Indigenous Youth leading up to the UN Food Systems Summit co-organized by FAO, the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC) and the Indigenous Champions of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, Indigenous Youth have presented a declaration.

Read the Indigenous Youth Global Declaration on Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems  

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The "My food vision is..." campaign, led by the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, seeks to address the challenges faced by Indigenous Youth and provide sustainable solutions for food systems, while also combatting climate change. The Indigenous Youth created a position with their hands, to symbolize mutual respect, reciprocity, and a need to protect Indigenous Peoples' food systems, highlighting the importance of supporting Indigenous Youth and Mother Earth. The campaign was launched live at the World Food Forum in October 2022, making strides towards the upcoming 2023 UN Global Indigenous Youth Forum.

The Campaign’s 4 Key Messages are connected to FAO’s Four Betters:

1. Better Production: Indigenous youth connect intergenerational science, knowledge and techniques that are the keys to sustainable food generation.

2. Better Nutrition: Nothing can substitute the nutrition of Indigenous Peoples' foods. Keep the lifelines alive for Indigenous children.

3. Better Environment: Led by the teachings of our Elders, Indigenous youth are learning to follow the laws of nature where responsibility, servitude, and reciprocity are the ways to revive a healthy planet.

4. Better Life: Our foods are our Relatives; if they are healthy, we are healthy.

Unite with Us – align yourself with Indigenous Youth. Listen to us, Learn from us, and respectfully partner with us.

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The Global Indigenous Youth Caucus is comprised of numerous Indigenous Youth from various States, organizations, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The Global Indigenous Youth Caucus was formally inaugurated in 2006. FAO organized a meeting with the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus from 5 to 8 April, 2017 to update and incorporate the concerns of Indigenous Youth in the work of the Organization. The meeting resulted in the “Rome Statement”, which includes recommendations regarding UNDRIP and the Sustainable Development Goals.