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World Food Day 2020: Covid 19 pandemic exposes the fragility of the food system, giving birth to food heroes

Vegetable seller at Traditional Market in Kendari, South East Sulawesi

This year’s World Food Day is not ordinary day. It comes as the world continues to fight the COVID - 19 Pandemic. The Pandemic exposed the fragility of the agri-food systems. It threatens to push millions more into hunger. Possibly, as many as 132 million people may go hungry in 2020 as a result of the economic recession triggered by the pandemic.

Even before the pandemic, more than 2 billion people did not have regular access to enough safe, nutritious food. Nearly 700 million people go to bed hungry. Although the world now produces more than enough food to feed everyone, the agri-food systems are out of balance. Hunger and at the opposite end obesity, environmental degradation, food loss and waste and a lack of security for food chain workers are only some of the issues that underline this imbalance.

With the theme “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future”, World Food Day 2020 calls for more resilient and robust agri-food systems, and for global solidarity - both vital for our recovery from this crisis, and for building back better.
“More than ever, we need innovative solutions and strong partnerships. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring nutritious food is available for all – from governments, private businesses to individuals”, said Victor Mol, FAO Representative a.i. in Indonesia

This World Food Day also provides an opportunity to thank Food Heroes – farmers and workers throughout the food supply chain – who in any circumstances, continue to provide food to their communities and beyond. Our Food Heroes continue to work and adjust to the new changing environment showing their inherent resilience and importance to keep our food value chains alive.
FAO Indonesia held series of virtual events called “Food Heroes Festival” in October to celebrate World Food Day.

75 Years of FAO

This year’s World Food Day comes as FAO turns 75. FAO was founded on 16 October 1945 – some days before the United Nations itself - to further agricultural knowledge and nutritional wellbeing. FAO’s foundation was given impetus by the devastation of WW2, which, among many millions of victims, saw many die from starvation.

“FAO was born in the wake of catastrophe. COVID-19 has made it abundantly clear FAO mission is as relevant as when FAO founders created the Organization in 1945. The COVID-19 pandemic reminded everyone that food security and nutritious diets matter to all, “stressed Victor.

Now FAO has 194 member nations and works in over 130 countries worldwide.