FAO in Indonesia


29 October 2022
Bali as a global popular tourist destination often faces the challenges of water scarcity, which threaten the livelihoods of the local population. Bali farmers, in particular, are facing complexity of these problems in their day-to-day lives. At the same time, Bali also faces the challenges of endemic Rabies that threatens...
28 September 2022
Director-General QU Dongyu urges peace, warns of devastating implications of soaring food and fertilizer prices  
27 September 2022
FAO Director-General emphasizes the role of digital public goods  
27 September 2022
Digitalization encompasses all stages in the agrifood systems, including food production, distribution, trade, processing and consumption. Indonesia is now pulling all its efforts to transform rural areas through digitalization that can facilitate smallholders' integration into markets to foster sustainable income and improve livelihoods. Indonesia's rural transformation through digitalization was highlighted at...
03 September 2022
Food loss and waste in Indonesia reached 115-184 kg per capita per year with the biggest waste occurs at the consumption stage during the last two decades, as per the Report from Bappenas in 2021. This covers food loss from production to wholesale and food waste from retail to households....
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