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  • Nutrition indicator for Biodiversity towards sustainable diets, FAO Rome, Ruth Charrondiere (PDF)
  • Capacity development in food composition through distance learning and formal education, FAO Rome, U. Ruth Charrondiere, Barbara Burlingame, Sally Berman, Heinz Freisling, Ibrahim Elmadfa (PDF)
  • Compilation tool in Excel to manage food composition data in the absence of a food composition database management system, FAO Rome, U. Ruth Charrondiere and Barbara Burlingame (PDF)
  • FAO/INFOODS Food Composition Database for Biodiversity, FAO Rome, U. Ruth Charrondiere, Barbara Stadlmayr, Barbara Burlingame (PDF)
  • Food Consumption Data: New Applications and Needs for Exposure Assessments, FAO Rome, U. Ruth Charrondiere, PhD (PDF)
  • FAO/INFOODS Advances in Food Composition and Database Management System, FAO Rome, U. Ruth Charrondiere, PhD (PDF)
  • Sustainability of World Nutrition, FAO Rome, U. Ruth Charrondiere, PhD (PDF)
  • Evidence for diet and chronic disease relationships requires food composition data; at the 6th International Food Data Conference, Pretoria, South Africa  Barbara Burlingame, Ruth Charrondiere, Cheikh N’diaye, Georges Codjia, 2007 (PDF) The video animation of slide number 9 is available here
  • Revision of Infoods Tagnames and Comparison With Other Component Identification Systems; at the 6th International Food Data Conference, Pretoria, South Africa Ruth Charrondiere and Barbara Burlingame, 2007 (PDF)
  • Impact of different macronutrient definitions and of energy conversion factors on energy supply; at the 5th International Food Database Conference and the 27th National Nutrient Databank Conference, Washington, USA, U. Ruth Charrondiere, S. Chevassus-Agnes, S. Marroni, B. Burlingame, 2003 (PDF)
  • Towards a European Food Composition Database; at 9th European Nutrition Conference, Rome, Italy, U. Ruth Charrondiere,  B. Burlingame, 2003 (PDF)

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