International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS)

Tagnames for Food Components

This list of INFOODS Food Component Tagnames has been prepared from John C. Klensin, Diane Feskanich, Victor Lin, A. Stewart Truswell, David A. T. Southgate, Identification of Food Components for INFOODS Data Interchange, Tokyo: United Nations University, 1989.

The list was updated as new tags are assigned or definitions are clarified until 2007.

AAA ..... ENER- ( aromatic amino acids to energy)

ERGCAL... FATRN ( ergocalciferol to trans fatty acids)

FD ........PRO ( fluoride to proline)

PROA ......ZN ( total protein to zinc)

AAAN .... VALP (Derived food components)

New tagnames since 2007

  • 130 new tagnames are proposed to be added to the existing tagnames (COMING SOON)
  • Coming soon: consolidated list of all tagnames (excel format)



Last update: 20-10-2022 05:26