International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS)

Standards and Guidelines

Over the years, INFOODS has convened technical meetings on several topics, the most important of which are listed with the headings below. These web pages provide links to relevant technical documents by INFOODS and others working on food composition groups. Efforts are made to regularly update the technical recommendations and specifications. Feedback, suggestions, and the provision of additional links are most welcomed. 

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FAO/INFOODS Guidelines for Checking Food Composition Data prior to Publication of a User Table/Database - Version 1.0 (2012)

The objective of this document is to outline comprehensively the internal checks to be carried out on the food composition data and documentation prior their publication in the user table/DB

FAO/INFOODS Guidelines for Food Matching - Version 1.2 (2012)

INFOODS developed these guidelines for a more harmonized approach to food matching while pointing out critical steps and information in order to achieve the most appropriate food matching. These guidelines are intended to assist in selecting the most appropriate foods (for which compositional data are available) to match to foods reported in food consumption surveys (at individual, household, national or international level) or to food supply data (e.g. FAOSTAT, EUROSTAT).



FAO/INFOODS Guidelines for Converting Units, Denominators and Expressions Version 1.0 (2012)

Conversion of food data is done in the areas of nutrition (i.e. food composition and dietary assessment) and food safety (exposure assessment), and when reporting analytical data, including their publication in scientific articles. Food composition data are expressed in a variety of ways, depending on national conventions, practices of various institutions and journals requirements. However, to aggregate or compare data from diverse sources, it is often necessary to convert them.

Erratum: In January 2016, the formula for conversion from individual amino acid (AA) as ‘g per 16 g total nitrogen (NT)’ to individual AA as ‘mg per 100 g EP’ (page 33 in the English version) was corrected as well as the result of the given example.




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