Inland Fisheries

Recreational fisheries

Recreational fishing involves considerable numbers of people around the world in both developed and developing countries. There is an average of 6.7 percent of the population engaged in recreational fisheries in those countries where recreational fishing is a common activity (>174.5 million).  Some estimates place this figure higher.

A sense of the value of recreational fisheries can be derived from direct costs, which are estimated in excess of USD 44 billion per year. The indirect costs are estimated at over USD 100 billion per year. 

Indications from a number of countries suggest that the retained catch from inland recreational fisheries is likely to be substantial, about 5.4 percent of total global reported catch. This catch is reported rarely to FAO, therefore at least some of this catch explains under-reporting in countries such as those in Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Central Asia and North America. 

The introduction and establishment of non-indigenous fish for recreational fishing would benefit from more systematic reporting as their potential to become invasive often only becomes apparent a considerable time after the initial introduction.