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Improving the contribution of culture-based fisheries and fishery enhancements in inland waters to blue growth

Rehabilitation & mitigation

Enhancement to improve the performance of inland capture fisheries beyond a level sustainable by natural processes may entail stocking with seed originating from aquaculture installations or the wild, or from modification of the fishery habitat. In Asia, the most typical form of stocking are culture-based fisheries which use seed from aquaculture hatcheries. Its primary objective is to increase fish yields as a means to increase food and income for fishers. Despite technical and methodological advances, the results of culture-based fishery interventions have not been objectively evaluated in terms of cost effectiveness, environmental consequences and social impact. This publication reports on the regional consultation convened in Negombo, Sri Lanka from 25 to 27 May 2015 on the subject, and provides recommendations and guidance on responsible stocking in the Asia-Pacific region.