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Report to the Government of Malawi on a Programme for Fisheries Development. FAO/UNDP(TA), (TA2239).

Overview of inland fisheries

In 1962/63, a team of three FAO experts carried out surveys relating to fisheries activities in Malawi. On the recommendations of the team, the Government of Malawi in May 1964 requested the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to provide a technical assistance expert under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to advise and assist in the planning of fisheries development and in the organisation of efficient fishery services in Malawi.


Table of contents


1.   History of Project
2.   Acknowledgements


1.   Background Information

1.1   Fisheries in Malawi
1.2   Fishing Areas
1.3   Species of Fish
1.4   Production of Fish in 1965

2.   Organisation of Government Fisheries Services

2.1   The Fisheries Staff as at October 1964
2.2   Comments on the Staff Situation
2.3   The Reorganisation of Services
2.4   The Present Administrative Structure
2.5   Equipment
2.6   Housing

3.   Statistics

3.1   Introductory Comments
3.2   Suggestions for Improvement of Statistical Data Collection

4.   Legislation

4.1   Fishing Legislation
4.2   Proposals for Strengthening Control Measures
4.3   Legislation Relating to Fish Marketing
4.4   Recommendations

5.   Marketing

5.1   Present Market Conditions
5.2   The Malawi Development Corporation
5.3   Proposed Creation of a Pilot Centre at Chembe, Lake Malawi for the Improvement of African Fisheries
5.4   Likoma and Chisumulu Islands Scheme
5.5   Fish Meal
5.6   Recommendations

6.   Research

6.1   Background
6.2   Some Specific Suggestions on Research

7.   Re-afforestation

7.1   Present Situation
7.2   Recommendation

8.   The Fishermen's Institute

8.1   Background
8.2   Curriculum
8.3   Training Courses for Fisheries Assistants
8.4   Recommendation

9.   The Fisheries Development Programme

9.1   The Fisheries Development Programme for 1965–69
9.2   Suggestions

10.   Summary of Recommendations


1.   Background
2.   Observations
3.   Recommendations


I.   Collection of Fisheries Statistics

II.   A.   Proposed Draft of a Fisheries Law for Malawi

B.   Proposed Draft of Fisheries Rules

III.   Suggestions for the Creation of a Pilot Centre for Fisheries in Chembe, Lake Malawi

IV.   Considerations Relating to Fisheries Research

V.   Present Knowledge of the Biological Background of Fisheries in Malawi