Pesca continental

A provisional survey of the introduction and transplantation of fish throughout the Indo-Pacific Region

Aquatic biodiversity and inland fisheries

An account is given of the spread of fish over the Indo Pacific Region by human actlon. The records are divided into :

  1. The scattering in historic times of the Asian varieties of Cyprinus carpio, Carassius carassius, Ophicephalus striatus and Rasbora lateristriata all over the region.
  2. The planned transplantation of fish between parts of the region for cultural purposes in recent time, including 18 species and 48 separate records.
  3. The introduction of foreign species into the region, subdivided into the importation of fish for cultural purposes (9 species) and the introduction of larvicidal fishes (3 species).

A description is given of the environmental requirements of the 20 species of fish which are mainly used for transplantation and their merits are discussed. Then follows an outline of the types of water, suitable for stocking with transplanted fish. The survey closes with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages connected with transplantation work and a warning against the possibility of the spreading of diseases and pests by uncontrolIed transplantations.