Pesca continental

Good practices guidelines for data collection systems to support sustainable inland and recreational fisheries in the Western Balkans region.

Managing inland fisheries

These guidelines illustrate recommendations for good practices on data collection in Eastern European inland fisheries, and in particular the Western Balkan region, based on the methodologies and approaches used in countries throughout Europe and from FAO experience of inland fisheries in other regions. They provide guidance on the options available to inland fishery managers based on particular circumstances i.e. commercial fishing or recreational use, and they are especially relevant for assisting the economies-in transition in Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. These guidelines are not an overarching work on inland fisheries management, nor do they provide advice on the environmental aspects or competing uses of inland water bodies. They focus on issues of data collection to support fishery managers whether they be government agencies, fishers or angler associations co-responsible for the management of inland resources in European rivers and lakes.