Inland Fisheries

Guidelines for stocking coregonids

Rehabilitation & mitigation

European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission. Guidelines for stocking coregonids. EIFAC Occasional Paper. No. 31. 

These guidelines deal with three species: vendace (Coregonus albula), whitefish (C. lavaretus L. s.l.) and peled (C. peled). The transfer of whitefish and vendace has been practised for centuries and considerably extended the distribution area of coregonids in Europe. The present guidelines are based on practical experience and research work. Large-scale vendace stocking is practised in Poland and Finland, and whitefish and peled are stocked in many European countries. The guidelines give a scheme for planning coregonid stocking and management policies. Four major sections deal with ecological considerations, fisheries considerations, social costs and effects, and evaluation of the available information and methods. These guidelines are addressed mainly to fisheries managers and administrators in order to assist them in the development of efficient and economic stocking policies and practices.