Рыболовство во внутренних водоемах

The design of fisheries statistical surveys: Inland waters

Managing inland fisheries

With science becoming more and more important in African inland vaters, there is a greatly increased need for the Fishery Statisticians to be sure that they are using scientific Methods for obtaining the statistical data so indispensable for sound management of a fishery and for planning, Marketing and other aspects of fishery development.

It is beyond the resources of the African countries assisted by FAO Projects to collect facts year by year from each fishing economic unit at the inland vater places in the country. Fortunately, a carefully designed sample survey can provide the necessary information for guidelines that a country needs, at a cost the country may well afford. This manual serves this purpose. The manual deals with the application of sampling techniques at elementary (Part I), intermediate (Part II) and advance level (Part III). Specifically, Part I and Part II are a summary of the lectures given in the training courses in African countries on the survey system of largescale fisheries statistical sample surveys. In Part III, the application of sampling theory in fisheries statistical surveys is presented.