Pesca continental

Reservoir fishery in Eastern Province of Zambia. ALCOM Report No. 23.

Overview of inland fisheries

Fish Stock Sampling, Catch Monitoring Survey, Socio-economic Study, EASTERN PROVINCE OF ZAMBIA, Reservoirs in Eastern Province, CHARACTERISTICS OF RESERVOIR FISHERY, Fish species, Fishing gears, Composition of Catches, Species selectivity, Size selectivity, Fishing grounds and Seasonality of Fishing gears, Fishing Grounds, Seasonality of Gear, Fishing Effort, Choice of Gear, The yield, ACCESS TO RESOURCES, Access to Fishing Grounds, Access to Gear, Access to Fishing Skills, FINANCIAL EVALUATION OF FISHING METHODS, Costs, Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, Disposal of Catch, Revenues, Annual Incomes, Sensitivity Analysis on Incomes, STANDARD OF LIVING OF FISHERS COMPARED TO NON-FISHERS, Development policy, Management options.