Рыболовство во внутренних водоемах

Status of fish stocks and fisheries of thirteen medium-sized African reservoirs. CIFA TECHNICAL PAPER 26.

Overview of inland fisheries

This report is an overview of fisheries-related information on thirteen African reservoirs exceeding 300 km2 in surface area. The reservoirs are Lagdo, Maga, Mbakaou and Bamendjing (Cameroon), Kossou and Buyo (Cote d'lvorie), Manantali and Sélingué (Mali), Jebel Aulia (Sudan), Mtera (Tanzania), Mwadingusha (Zaire) and Kafue Gorge and Itezhitezhi (Zambia). The information presented includes pre-impoundment studies, physico-chemical data, fishery descriptions, stock assessment, fishery yields, catch and effort, species composition and potential for the development of small-clupeid fisheries.