Inland Fisheries

Introduction of aquatic species into Zambian waters, and their importance for aquaculture and fisheries. ALCOM Field Document No. 24.

Managing inland fisheries

Twenty one species of fish, four species of crustaceans and one mollusc species have been introduced into Zambia. They can be classified into several groups by chronology: introductions during the 1940s and 1950s; the first tilapia introductions (1945–1950); the second and third wave of introductions; the introductions into Lake Kariba and Lake Iteshiteshi; introduction of aquatic animals from the 1980s; introductions organized by large companies and commercial farmers; introduction of crustaceans by private farmers.

The manner of these introductions, and their impact on fisheries in Zambia, are analysed. Comments and recommendations are also made on aquaculture in Zambia, on the choice of fish species for further aquaculture development, on the possibilities of trout farming in Zambia, and on foreign assistance programmes in aquaculture.