Inland Fisheries

A limnological bibliography of Malawi. CIFA Occasional Paper No. 13.

Overview of inland fisheries

Approximately 20 percent of Malawi is covered by water and its various rivers and lakes are extremely important elements in the economy and nutrition of the country. This bibliography lists the large and varied scientific literature which now exists on these waters. The main subjects covered are fish and fisheries, limnology, hydrology and climate, aquatic birds, other aquatic animals, geology and geomorphology relevant to lake structure and formation, and history. The bibliography is in five sections: (1) published scientific materials, (2) Malawi Fisheries Department Annual Reports, (3) unpublished reports and consultant reports, (4) aquatic bird references, and (5) articles published in the aquarist press. (4) and (5) are presented in abbreviated form. A subject index is provided for sections (1) and (3).