International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food Systems

Following the successful first edition of the International Innovation Award for Sustainable Agriculture, FAO and the Government of Switzerland have launched for the second time the International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food Systems.

Come and join us on 1 October 2021 at 5 CEST and discover the winners of the 2021 edition!

Innovation is changing the way food is produced, processed, traded and consumed and building more resilient and robust food systems. Both digital technologies and innovative practices for growing food have the potential to transform food systems, providing smallholder farmers with a better future, making farming more sustainable and ultimately closing the digital gap between developed and developing countries.

Since 2018, FAO and the Federal Government of Switzerland encourage innovation by publically recognizing best practices through the International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food Systems. The award does not only acknowledge digital innovation, but also new or existing products or practices that are used in a specific context, to increase effectiveness, competitiveness and resilience.

Ifarm360 is awarded for leveraging technology to enable investors to crowd-fund smallholder farmers in Kenya. In addition to access to finance, Ifarm360 offers smallholder farmers crop advisory and supervision, as well as farm inputs and equipment such as solar irrigation kits.

Access Agriculture AISBL has been recognized for enabling young people in local communities, acting individually or as a team, to use solar-powered technology to show farmer-to-farmer training videos in local languages in remote villages with no electricity or internet access and poor mobile signal.

Bountifield International is awarded for offering young people in rural areas new opportunities as postharvest technology entrepreneurs who can provide a fee-for-service to farmers allowing them to process, preserve and sell their crops.

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