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International Mountain Day
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Every year, a large number of events – from group hikes and outdoor activities, to exhibitions, cultural performances, contests and concerts – are organized across the world to celebrate International Mountain Day.

Whether you’re a business, NGO, journalist, government, city, civil society organization or individual, take advantage of this opportunity to call for action!

Plan an International Mountain Day event online or in person, or spread the word on your channels, and feature your event on our website by registering it using the submission form.

IMD around the world

Virtual meeting: Building links for the recovery of springs and sources
11/12/2023 - 11/12/2023
Municipalities of the Paraíba do Sul River, Brazil
International Mountain Day 2023 - Meeting of Municipalities and Committees of Hydrographic basins of the Paraíba do Sul River: Building links for the Recovery of Springs and Sources Virtual meeting to promote dialogue between committees of...
The Permanent Mission of the Kyrgyz Republic invites you to attend the event on "Commemoration of International Mountain Day 2023." This event under the theme "Resotring mountain ecosystems" aims to increase awareness about the relevance of...
Film festival: Bam-e-Dunya Film Festival (Roof of the World)
11/12/2023 - 12/12/2023
Gilgit, Pakistan, Pakistan
Bam-e-Dunya Film Festival Celebrating International Mountain Day For the first time in Gilgit Pakistan, we are going to organize a Film Festival. This Film Festival has its own particular significance as it revolves around...
Lecture: "Spring on Via Adriatica"
11/12/2023 - 11/12/2023
Zagreb, Croatia
Geomorphologist and hiker Dr. Mladen Pahernik will share his experiences and observations during hikes across Croatian Mountains on the long distance trail Via Adriatica. Organizer is Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb,...
For International Mountain Day 2023, Eco Canada and the Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) are joining forces to discuss Braiding Knowledges to Restore Mountain Ecosystems with CMN Co-Research Director's Paulina Johnson and 
Seminar: Restoring Mountain Ecosystem
11/12/2023 - 11/12/2023
Agriculture University Swat, Pakistan
Mountain day was celebrated by presenting seminars and modals prepared by students relevant with the theme of the day. Speaking on the occasion Mohammad Jamal Khan highlighted the importance of mountain and the impact of...
Lecture: The mountain in the era of climate change
11/12/2023 - 11/12/2023
Pesaro, Italy
On the occasion of this anniversary, the CAI Section of Pesaro "Lino Liuti" has decided to give members an opportunity to enjoy a collective vision with introductory speeches at the 101st CAI Congress dedicated to...
Conference: A geomorphological and cultural vision
11/12/2023 - 11/12/2023
Madrid, Spain
Conference by Dr Javier de Pedraza: “Past, present and future of mountains: a geomorphological and cultural vision” Organised by the Research Group in Physical Geography of High Mountain and Polar Regions Department of Geography. Complutense University of...
Lecture: Nevados del Aconquija and mountains in Tucumán
11/12/2023 - 11/12/2023
Concepción, Argentina
Lecture organized between the Aconquija National Park and the Argentine Mountain Association of Tucumán
A mountain of images by Anna Checola (category “Communication”), Bike-Ski-Cimb-Repeat di di Davide Elli e Giulio Pipoli with Ettore Maupoil (category “Environment”) and Last ice stage by Giacomo Ascari, Francesco Ioriatti and Leandro Limoncelli ("Product" category) are the winning short films of the second edition of the “Manlio Armellini” competition, organized...