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International Mountain Day
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Every year, a large number of events – from group hikes and outdoor activities, to exhibitions, cultural performances, contests and concerts – are organized across the world to celebrate International Mountain Day.

Whether you’re a business, NGO, journalist, government, city, civil society organization or individual, take advantage of this opportunity to call for action!

Plan an International Mountain Day event online or in person, or spread the word on your channels, and feature your event on our website by registering it using the submission form.

IMD around the world

International ORO-CLIMATE Forum
11/12/2022 - 13/12/2022
Imilchil, Morocco
This forum is organized to mark the importance of International Mountain Day 2022, and is an opportunity for international civil society to advocate for the impact of climate change on these water towers and the...
About Photo Story Competition:Centre for Environment Education (CEE) in collaboration with the Mountain Partnership, RCE Srinagar, Young Reporters for the Environment and Paryavaran Mitra is announces a Photo Story Competition for youth in schools...
AMGM’s all member organisations are going to conduct various activities, such as visiting a nearby mountain, visit a family who serves the food to visitors and honour a lady who cook food for...
International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development - FAO Turkey / Boğaziçi University
16/12/2022 - 16/12/2022
Istanbul (Boğaziçi University), Türkiye
Boğaziçi University Department of Tourism Management and Applied Tourism Administration and Research Center propose to organize an event in partnership with FAO Türkiye and Mountain Partnership.It will be an informative event that aims to...
Mount Uluguru
10/12/2022 - 11/12/2022
Kibwe, Tanzania
Mountain Day Activities "Mount Uluguru"   This event happening on 10-11 December, 2022 aims to educate and inspire indigenous people from arount Mount Uluguru on the issue and allow them to learn about the environment.     Join the effort...
International Mountain Day- 2022- Werabe University- Ethiopia
11/12/2022 - 13/12/2022
Werabe, Siltie Zone, Ethiopia
A three days International Mountain Day -2022 celebration was conducted at Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, College of Social Sciences, Werabe University - Silte Zone, SNNP, Ethiopia. Details of the events  organized in  the...
10th Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics Forum
11/12/2022 - 13/12/2022
Dhaka, Bangladesh
The Eastern Himalayan region unites some of the fastest growing global and developing economies today, with young and ambitious populations increasingly concerned about their ecological future: India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, China & Myanmar. Its shared challenges and opportunities...
Sustainable Mountain Development Conference
01/12/2022 - 03/12/2022
Kathmandu, Nepal
In 2022, the United Nations General Assembly declared the year 2022 as the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development to increase awareness for the importance of sustainable mountain development, and the conservation and...
  The most enormous growth of Geothermal Energy by far happened in Indonesia, which saw an addition of 143 MW in capacity with two new plants, followed by Chile (addition at Cerro Pabellon) and Turkey. It...
Chestnut Virtual Tour - Albanian Alps Alliance
11/12/2022 - 11/12/2022
Reçi Chestnut Forest, Malësi e Madhe & virtually, Albania
The Association "Albanian Alps Alliance", within the project "Digi-Guide: classic trails in modern communication", supported by the program fund "Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust - PONT", is pleased to invite you to its activity that will...
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