International Mountain Day

Lecture: Health in Healthy Mountains

11/12/2023 12/12/2023
San CandidoItaly

11 December 2023 International Mountain Day

The new greater attention towards the environment and the desire and need to spend more time in nature are the reasons why many people go to the mountains and choose sustainable tourism.

Mountain tourism operators and mountain healthcare staff must know that everyone can have their own mountain.  Moreover, mountains are a place to improve our health. 

The department of Sport Medicine of San Candido, a mountain hospital, offers this evaluation and the collaboration with the colleagues that work in urban areas to give the opportunity to all to enjoy mountains.

11 December, International Mountain Day, the Tourism Office and the Department of Sport Medicine of San Candido Hospital, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Sport Physiology, invite the tourism operators and healthcare staff to attend the meeting “Mountains for All. Physical evaluation and Safety”.