Journée internationale de la montagne

IMD dans le monde

Traditional cheeses offer an alternative to tourism income for nomadic herders in the mountains of Mongolia

In advance of International Mountain Day 2021, with the theme sustainable mountain tourism, this story looks at how the production and marketing of cheese is an alternative solution to ecotourism in generating reliable income, decreasing poaching in Mongolia’s critical snow leopard habitat, and mitigating human-wildlife conflict.

Decathlon in Burgos, Spain hosts IMD event for community

On the occasion of International Mountain Day, Decathlon in Burgos, Spain organized a family workshop in their store to talk about the importance of protecting mountain areas and to celebrate their province's local mountains.

FAO Director-General highlights importance of mountain tourism at Rome’s Quirinale Palace

Mountain tourism needs to be more sustainable and equitable, said the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), QU Dongyu, at a high-level event hosted by His Excellency Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic, which was attended by Ministers and representatives of local authorities from mountain regions of Italy, ahead of International Mountain Day.

Polish Institute of Rome celebrates IMD

On the occasion of International Mountain Day, the Polish Institute of Rome announced the conference "Mountain panorama: International cultural heritage conference”, to be held on 10-12 June 2022 by the Tatra Museum in collaboration with the Mountain Partnership and International Mountain Museums Alliance.

A message from the Institute for Research and Development of Mediterranean Mountainous Island Regions (MountMed)

The eleventh of December was declared by the United Nations as International Mountain Day to highlight the crucial role of mountains in the evolution and prospects of humanity, reminding the international community of its responsibility for mountains' preservation. Cyprus, overcoming its small size and lack of tradition in mountain management policies, has managed in recent years to catch up with other European countries by undertaking important initiatives in this field. The elaboration and adoption of a National Strategy for Mountain Communities, [...]

Castilla-La Mancha, Spain will host group hikes

The Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha is organizing hikes throughout various mountain regions of Spain in observance of International Mountain Day 2021. They will celebrate under the theme "Sustainable mountain tourism".

Andean ceremonies and rituals

In the Andes, on 11 December at 10:00 Lima time, REDAR Peru and Red Andina de Saberes Haceres will celebrate International Mountain Day with a webinar. Andean teachers will present their worldview through rituals and ceremonies for the care, maintenance and harmonious coexistence with pachamama (mother earth), water, camelids and the healing of people.

(Alp)alachia: Celebrating Appalachia's international connections

The Appalachian Studies Association is organizing an event for International Mountain Day. This event will bring together established and aspiring practitioners of mountain-to-mountain research, activism and pedagogy with like-minded Appalachianists - those who study, teach about and sometimes live in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States.

GlobeTrekkers India organizes an IMD hike

GlobeTrekkers India is a trekking association dedicated to maintaining healthy mountain environments and safeguarding the hills. They will host a group trek in Wayand, Kerala, India in celebration of International Mountain Day. The trek will include a discussion of mountains and mountain vegetation.

Schoolchildren celebrate IMD in Jujuy, Argentina

Barrancas in Jujuy Province, Argentina, has a remarkable number of valuable caves with paintings and engravings. The organization VICAM worked with the children of Primary 279 “Abdon Castro Tolay to bring them closer to their local biocultural heritage with a walking trip to the emblematic space of the Caravanners’ Cave. Following the trip, the children recreated the cave drawings on stones.