International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day 2019

‘Mountains matter for Youth’ is the theme of this year’s International Mountain Day, which is celebrated on 11 December.

Young people are active agents of change and the future leaders of tomorrow. They are custodians of mountains and of their natural resources, which are being threatened by climate change.

The 2019 International Mountain Day’s theme is a great opportunity for young generations to take the lead and request that mountains and mountain peoples become central in the national and international development agendas, receive more attention, investments and tailored research.

The day will also be an occasion to educate children about the role that mountains play in supporting billions up and downstream – by providing freshwater, clean energy, food and recreation.

International Mountain Day is a chance to highlight that for rural youth, living in the mountains can be hard. Many young people leave in search of a better life and employment. Migration from mountains leads to abandoned agriculture, land degradation and a loss of cultural values and ancient traditions.  Education and training, market access, diverse employment opportunities and good public services can ensure a brighter future for young people in the mountains.

In the coming months, a communication tool box for International Mountain Day will be made available on the IMD website in six languages.
While ‘Mountains matter for Youth’ is the suggested theme for 2019, countries, communities and organizations are welcome to celebrate International Mountain Day through themes of their choosing.

What can you do?

•    Raise awareness of mountains on 11 December by organizing youth forums, hands-on activities, presentations, student debates, photo and art competitions, hikes and events targeted to specific age groups.
•    Write to us about the International Mountain Day event you are planning at info-IMD so we can publish it on the International Mountain Day website.
•    Join the conversation on social media using the #MountainsMatter hashtag. Share your stories about the reality of living in the mountains as a young person, or post a photo of your favourite mountain moment and share it with us and your friends.
•    Access our tool kit to help share your story.

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