Día Internacional de las Montañas

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My country consists of 96% of the mountains. Our ancestors lived here, preserving the cultural traditions of their people and historical monuments of world culture. In 7 years in our country the mass of glaciers will decrease by 40%.
The Lock has a glance at the actual life of Bayram who lived with his family in Charan a village at the foot of Bozghoosh mountain range in Iran.The village which once held 280 families has gradually lost its residents [...]
Albanian Alps, as part of Via Dinarica- invaluable asset of natural and ethno-cultural values that must be protected and inherited through generations. The mission of our network is to contribute to sustainable environmental and socio- development economic of the Alps through [...]
Even in apparently wild places like mountains, human's footprint has come. Fire, melting of glaciers, deforestation, and depredation due to mining and large infrastructural works threaten the integrity of our mountains. Showing their beauty is one of the tools we [...]
In this short video we talk about importance of the mountains and their affect on living beings. We are trying to tell that the #MountainsMatter and that we need to speak to the whole world about that. They are essential [...]
High Asia conforms both the largest fluvial network and the most influential global climatic region of the World due to its massive concentration of high ranges and plateaus. But its situation in the vicinity of lowlands where almost half [...]
La revista El Rollo realizó una expedición al paramillo del Quindío en compañía del ambientalista quindiano Nestor Jaime Ocampo con el fin de verificar el impacto del cambio climático, tanto en el ecosistema, como en la vida de los habitantes [...]
This is an excerpt from an interview to a Peruvian peasant from Aquia, Ancash, Peru, a community that has been seeing the withdrawal of the glaciers in their mountains, and the damage in nature in the last 30 years. In [...]
Todd Anders Johnson traveled to Chile and Peru this past spring to document climate change impacts on glaciers, water and community adaptation in the high Andes. Todd joined Dr. Sebastian Mernild on his annual glaciological field research expedition in the [...]
I have made this short film on Demul - a small village in the dry cold desert of Spiti Valley. I went there in 2016 and again in August 2017. Having spent over a week in the village with them, [...]
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